Tempora Vitae Life Spanning Time

September 12, 2012  

This Podbean account is an extension of the www.temporavitae.com website and community.

Seasons of Life is the English translation of the Latin phrase "Tempora Vitae". The name of our webspace was originally conceptualized as "lifespanning", and is intended to be a space for the exploration of human capability and achievement throughout the cycles of life, and within the framework of historical and modern societal constructs.

The Tempora Vitae "colony" wishes to construct a resource base for information regarding sustainable life practices, closed circle living systems, and humanitarian resourcefulness.

The website, once realized, should effectively become a springboard for ideas pertaining to survivalism, intentional community building, homesteading, and "colony networking". Many ideas expressed here will likely be considered controversial.

We commit to the acceptance that through civil and considerate communication, many unnerving topics might be addressed for the attainment of widened perspective and heightened perception. We do not accept that those working to dissuade us from or deteriorate our commitments will be prosperous in their endeavors.

Persons contributing or participating within this community should seriously consider the level of anonymity they wish to maintain throughout their activities here - perhaps limiting identifying information to trusted persons within private message only.

If you have an idea for one of our podcast shows, or wish to participate in one of the tapings, please email your ideas to admin@temporavitae.com, or send a text message to 402 802 5372 with your contact information.

If you would like to contribute content, or have content that can be reprinted on temporavitae.com with your permission, please contact admin@temporavitae.com