Tempora Vitae Life Spanning Time

Welcome to the Tempora Vitae podbean audio show page! You can access this page through the http://podcast.temporavitae.com link. We are currently developing a few monthly shows, centered around the following topics specifically;

1. "Frontier Nesting" - The Ranch is the new Penthouse. Horticulture, Homesteading, DIY, Intentional Communities, Sustainability

2. "No Shit Sherlock" - Dig Deeper, Watson. Social Justice, News & Media, "Controversial Topics", Economy, Technology, Politics.

3. "LifeSPAN" - Survivors & Preppers Affairs Network. Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills, Self-defense, (Fundamental Needs) Maslow vs. Max Neef

4. "The Other Communion" ... Spirituality, Entertainment, Athletics & Historical Sport - Cultural Narratives, Oral Tradition, Bardry, Magic & Dance

Stay tuned for one of these shows airing weekly beginning in November!

A website article will be linked with every podcast containing a written log of the cast including any links or items referenced within the show.